Welcome to the homepage of ValiProof, the free comparison and validation tool for proofing processes in the graphic arts industry. ValiProof is open source software and distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Copyright (C) 2009 Martin Weberg


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2009-12-14 | Road to version 0.3

Major development have been made to the 0.3 branch, still there is a lot more to be done before a beta release. Here are some new features allready working:

2009-12-14 | Destiny of version 0.2

Not a single bug report as been submitted for the 0.2.0 beta1 release, which is both kind of good and bad. I have found some minor bugs to be included in a future 0.2.0 beta2. However, I will anounce the 0.2 branch dead, if version 0.3 reaches beta before 0.2 goes stable.

2009-10-26 | In media

ValiProof mentioned in an article by Digital Dots about ISO 12647. Read article here.

2009-10-21 | New tutorial - Working example

2009-10-20 | Working on version 0.3

A major feature being introduced in version 0.3 is the ability to compare any two CMYK charts using shared samples only. Much code need to be written/re-written to handle this.

2009-10-12 | New tutorial - Get CGATS using ArgyllCMS

2009-10-07 | New tutorial - Get CGATS from ColorPort

2009-09-29 | ValiProof 0.2.0 beta1 for Mac released (Download)

Stand-alone executable for Mac OS X is now available for download. See previous news for features and changes.

2009-09-25 | ValiProof 0.2.0 beta1 released (Download)

New feature

Bug fixes and minor changes